Thursday, 27 August 2015

Cat Scarves

Now available at Cricket Cove ... great project for the kiddies, when its time to head back to school, the kids will be fashionably outfitted in whimsical cat scarves in pint-sized kits ready to knit.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Knitting Lingo

Is there a secret code in the world of knitting?  In order to fully relate to other knitters, who knew we had to learn not only the written pattern abbreviations but also the hidden meanings of acronyms currently winging their way around online knit n chat groups, ravelry forums, and any other chicks with sticks get-togethers.  Is it just a matter of convenience?  Or is this new-fangled lingo designed to create a close-knit society who can essentially communicate in a secret language?
Here are sixteen of the most common knitting acronyms decoded-
FO – Finished Object (newly finished project).
FOTN – Fresh Off The Needles (the needles are still warm to the touch).
ISO In Search Of (a term often used on ravelry to signify a yarn search between knitters).
KAL – Knit A Long (a project worked on at the same time by a group of knitters).
KIP Knit in Public (taking a project to the streets).
LYS – Local Yarn Shop (better than any ice cream or candy shop).
LYSO – Local Yarn Shop Owner (that special someone who gets to rule the yarn castle).
MKAL Mystery Knit A Long (an organized group project especially popular on ravelry with a series of clues posted over a designated time period).
OTN On The Needles (current project).
SABLE Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy (never enough yarn!).
SIP – Sock In Progress (most current sock project).
SSS – Second Sock Syndrome (just like a virus, it hits every sock knitter at some point).
TINK (KNIT spelled backwards, refers to using both needles to un-knit a project one stitch at a time in order to repair a mistake.  Not to be confused with FROGGING, the rip-it, rip-it method of unraveling stitches row-by-row).
TU – Toe Up (a specific type of sock pattern).
UFO – UnFinished Object (the ‘never speak of it again’ project that hides in the shadows).
WIP Work in Progress (a current project).

Monday, 17 August 2015

How To Make A Yarn Lampshade With Glue

This is a great summer project! With simple and easy-to-find materials, she made a fun globe. The best part is that one project can actually make either a lampshade, lantern, or yarn globe.

All that she used was a few balls of yarn, school glue, water, and a bouncy beach ball. She also grabs acrylic paint to make the colorful lampshade, lantern, or yarn globe. She first placed trash bags on the counter and made a plastic poncho to wear in order to make the project less messy. She then mixes equal parts of glue and water in a bowl to dunk a ball of yarn into.

Once the yarn is soaked in the mixture, she wrapped the yarn around the bouncy ball, and let it sit to dry for two days. Once the yarn has dried, she deflated the ball and starts pulling the ball away from the yarn. Then she strings an electrical cord through the globe and adds a light bulb to create a great yarn lampshade that is colorful and fun. This project is ridiculously simple and inexpensive to create. It may also be a great project to work on with your kids to add a colorful lampshade or lantern to their room.