Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Tears to Hugs
Great impressions are made by what we say and do. I've always believed life is lived going the extra mile and so my summer story unfolds.
The phone rang on an afternoon, 'Could anyone fix stuffies?'  I replied bring them in so I can take a look. Not too long afterwards, in walked Mom, Henry and Evelyn both carrying stuffies. They could be mended; so colors were chosen. Dilemma -- stuffies couldn't stay, they must go in the arms of their owners.
Quickly I measured, counted, scribbled notes while Mom responded to the following .... what is she doing? ... are they fixed yet? Evelyn inquisitively passed me a large knitting needle, will this help? They departed, Henry asking, 'When' s she going to call us? '
I laid the shop project aside and commenced knitting from my sketchy notes.
The following week, the new family to Saint John returned; the work to date passed inspection and a surgery date was set into motion.
Anxiously I waited for their arrival. Parts were tried on. Then the moment of separation --hugs and waves. Henry and Evelyn were off to adventures in the library and lunch.  This surgeon went to work mending holes, adding stuffing, attaching new parts.
Coco stuffy was in recovery and I was joined with my Assistant Evelyn pulling yarn and cutting threads on Bongo stuffy. Intensely stitches were sewn with an on-going, heartfelt conversation unfolding to all around. Magnifying glass in hand, Henry gave detailed instructions of how to stitch a shark on his pocket. Delight was evident to all.
Measurements were taken for a new fall sweater for Evelyn; measurements of stuffies too!
For sure, we welcomed newcomers to Saint John and I’ll always remember the stuffies at Cricket Cove. Here’s a closer look at the before and after x-rays.
Cindy Alcorn