Monday, 30 December 2013

Some Sheep facts ...

•When Woodrow Wilson was President, the First Lady had sheep graze on the White House lawn to keep it neat and well trimmed. •Sheep have a 270-degree radius of view, almost 3/4 of a circle. Humans only see 170 degrees at best. This makes sheep very difficult to sneak up on or surprise. Sheep have poor eyesight but excellent hearing. •Each sheep is individual and unique and can distinguish between all other sheep. They can recognize fellow flock mates even after years of separation. •Female sheep are called ewes, baby sheep are called lambs, and male sheep are called rams. A group of sheep is called a flock. A one-year old sheep is called a hogget. A two-year old sheep is called a two-tooth. •Sheep can be milked just like cows. Sheep milk is often used to make gourmet cheeses. •Sheep usually live to be about eight years old. •Sheep have been providing clothing to people for over 10,000 years.

Alafoss Lopi

Alafoss Lopi is a bulky weight yarn. The best Lopi yarns come from Iceland, where the unique breed of sheep produce a unique wool which has incredible natural colours, and real warmth. Alafoss Lopi is 100% Icelandic wool.

Saint John January Classes now posted

Knitting Classes for the month of January are now posted on the website. Click here to check them out.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Cricket Cove Yak

A Yak produces 1- 1 ½ pounds of wool per year (being combed out). You use their fine undercoat, which is comparable to Cashmere. Cricket Cove works with reputable producers to bring this beautiful product to you.

Sugar Cane Yarn

Araucania Ruca Multi is an interesting fiber made from sugar cane. Ruca Multi is incredibly soft and has a lustrous sheen, reminiscent of silk. The colors are gorgeous, and Araucania Ruca Multi would be perfect for drapey garments or an absolutely stunning shawl.

Illimani ~ Popular this holiday season

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Canada's Next Top Model?

Is this Canada's next top model sporting a Cricket Cove handknit? I think so ...

Fantastic Friday Sale ... Wowzers !!!

Can't believe it's our last Friday before Christmas. This Friday December 20th throughout all shops we are please to offer buy 3, get 1 free (any like yarn). Happy shopping everyone !!!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

KnitEast 2013 Market

Nice little video on youtube on the 2013 KnitEast market ... click to watch

Opend despite weather !!!

If you dare fight the weather you'll be greeted with a smile at Cricket Cove ... All shops OPENED !!!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A little Christmas treat

A nice little find on ravelry for those whom continue to check out the KnitEast group ... go to the KnitEast group on ravelry to enter your name !!!

Jewelry ...

All jewelry at the Blacks Harbour shop is 50% off ... some great Christmas ideas !!!

Monday, 16 December 2013

Cashmere Touque

This beauty is knit from the Cricket Cove Cashmere ...

Cascade Cascade and more Cascade

Lots of lines, colours, and projects to choose from ...

Cricket Cove Cascade Mitts

1 hank of Cascade Eco-Duo knit up these lovely mitts using the Cricket Cove Cascade Mitt pattern ... lots of stock in shops.

namaste ... just in time for Christmas

Namaste Circular Case to organize and preserve all your circular needles.
Namaste multi purpose Harlow Bag
... lots of colours to choose from and beautifully done.

Week 4's Monday Give-Away

Every Monday until Christmas we will be posting some little goodie to give-away on ravelry. Just say you’re in and your name will go in the draw. Week 4’s give-away is Super Alpaca Lace. 5 hanks of soft, lace yarn. Each hank has 400 metres. Pick your colours ~ all one or mix.

Friday, 13 December 2013

The Cove Mascot

It's so cold out I will wear absolutely anything at all you can knit me.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Treat from Yoga Ruth ... our yoga girl

Here are a couple of things that might help you enjoy finishing your Christmas projects, as well as ease your tired shoulders and rest your eyes. Begin with your eyes ( sometimes that’s where neck strain originates) Please put your knitting down. Rub your palms together and place them over your closed eyes. With your eyes still closed, and your palms still over your eyes, pretend you are still knitting, so focus your eyes, and then let them relax. Focus and relax a few times, then just let them relax for 10 breaths. Every time your thoughts drift back to your project, gently, bring your thoughts back to relaxing your eyes under your hands. After your 10 breaths, remove your hands, open your eyes, take 2 more breaths, and then you can pick up your knitting again. Next, for your shoulders, knitting down again, and grab your left shoul-der muscle , close to your neck, with your right hand. Grab hard, like a mother cat holding her kitten. Let your arm hang down and , while still grabbing hard, start rolling your shoulder clockwise a few times, then counter clockwise a few times, still grabbing ( this is at the least a little un-comfortable, and at most makes you want to bite your bottom lip off) take a good big inhale, then release your death grip on your shoulder, and let your shoulder gently move downward. Take a breath, feel the difference between your left shoulder and your right one, then repeat on the other side, grabbing your right shoulder with your left hand. May all your skeins unwind. May you never have a knot in your yarn where you don’t want one. May you always have enough yarn to finish your projects. May you enjoy every stitch. Warm regards, Ruth Merrett

FREE Berroco Patterns !

Only 13 more days till Christmas…do you have all the yarn you need to finish those handmade gifts? Pick up that extra skein or two of Berroco yarn and they’ll send you a free pattern! Get the details:

Give-Away (Week 3)

Every Monday until Christmas we will be posting some little goodie to give-away on ravelry. Make sure you go on and join the Cricket Cove group and enter your name in the draws. Congratulations to last week’s winner of our Monday Give-Away … Monica !!! This week’s give-away is Madeline Tosh Pashmina in beautiful Cousteau. 360 yards sport weight. Its Madeline Tosh Pashmina – what else can we say!

Thrum Mitts

Everybody loves em, everybody needs em ... stop buy and snag a pair at a Cricket Cove near you. Awesome gift for under the tree !!!

Monday, 9 December 2013

Elf Visits Moncton Store

Sara's elf stopped by the Moncton Store to check out the Briggs & Little weekend ... sporting a Woodland coat made out of Briggs & Little.

Briggs & Little Weekend

Here are a couple photos from our Briggs & Little weekend at our Moncton store ... t'was a fun day had by all ... Thanks for the support !!!

Friday, 6 December 2013

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Gift Certificates

Tis the season ... Gift Certificates are a popular choice this Christmas for that knitter on your list. Stop in at any of the Cricket Cove locations and pick one up for any amount. You can even buy a gift certificate online and we will discreetly ship it out to you.

3D Wool Charm

Needle felting DIY (do it yourself) kit. Sheep, Sock Monkey, Meow, and Penguin. Natural wool is a durable, stain resistant, endlessly renewable and biodegradable material. Many ways to accessorize with these, hang them on your tree, from your rear-view mirror etc. $20 ... out to shops this week.

Why Does a Vicuña Jacket Cost $21,000?

Rare and implausibly soft, wool from the South American camelid is menswear's best kept secret. But that's about to change. Vicuña Sport Coat, $20,995, Dress Shirt, $435, and Tie, $195. Click on the link to read a very interesting article recently posted in the Wall Street Journal.

Street Knit Donation

A generous person just dropped of these beautiful scarfs to accompany our street knit program knits that go to those in need. Very nice gesture and will help keep someone a little warmer during the cold winter months. Well done.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Briggs & Little Weekend at Moncton

Celebration – Briggs & Little weekend at the Moncton Shop is coming up (Dec. 7 & 8). Drop in to see lots of projects on display, put your name in a draw, enjoy some refreshments. We will also be offering a buy 2 get 1 free in a Briggs and Little product.

Give-Away (Week 2)

Every Monday until Christmas we will be posting some little goodie to give-away on ravelry. Week 2's Give-A-Way is a Christmas Calendar, full of quick and easy projects to put under the tree. And a ball of new Opal 8ply. To enter you name join the Cricket Cove group on ravelry. Good luck to all !!!

Friday, 29 November 2013

Fantastic Fridays are back!

This Friday November 29th Buy any 3 sock yarns Get one free, all stores ... check out the new 8 ply and 6 ply Opal stock yarn that just hit the shelves last week.

Shop Local, Get a FREE Pattern - Berroco

Is yarn on your holiday shopping list? Stop in and spend $10 or more on Berroco yarn and they’ll give you a free pattern! Get the details: