Thursday, 27 February 2014


In honor of the upcoming Ford World Curling Event to be held at Harbour Station, March 15-23, Brunswick Square is initiating a contest for the public to participate in.
Through Radio and Social Media channels they are asking patrons to come into the shops and say ‘Curlers Rock at Brunswick Square’. You will then be given a ballot to put in the ballot box located across from Starbucks and Cricket Cove at the mirror which has a Ford World Curling cling attached to it.
Starts Friday February 28th.
The prize is as follows:
            Two full week passes plus two program vouchers to Ford Women’s World Curling Event March 15-23.
The draw will take place on March 12 and the winner will be announced that day.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Anti Bullying Day

Today is International Anti-Bullying Day 2014!
It isn't big to make others feel small...
Knit something Pink and Wear pink today.
Straight from Our 'lil Bully Charlotte.... Be the Change you wish to see in the world!!!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Drop Spindle Success !

Saturday, seven gathered early ... 9 a.m. for a class with Liz Miller inspite of icy roads.
Liz's advice: go for it, relax, accept progress, don't aim for perfection cause it won't be.
Onlookers stared, "That's cool!"
We heard 1, 2, 3, .... spindles hitting the floor throughout the class. 
But before long we heard, "I'm making yarn!", "I'm ready to put mine into a skein.", "Think I'll try lace?"
All were successful (even though they began with their doubts).
All went home with a skein of their OWN yarn and a smile of accomplishment on their faces.
THANKS Liz for a wonderful morning! Emoji

Submitted by Saint John staff, Cindy

Friday, 21 February 2014

Moncton Yarn Tasting

Moncton shop's resident "tweed toad" admiring the yarn display during our Valentine Yarn Tasting event.  Despite the weather that day, quite a few customers made it to the shop.  Fifteen lucky winners of our Loot Bags were pleasantly surprised throughout the day and our Door Prize winner was excited!  

The two sock yarns on display, Sock it To Me & Lang Ja Woll Aktion seemed to attract the most attention.  Lots of sock knitters in Moncton apparently!

Get your Berroco on !

New shipment just in ... out to stores soon.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Just this past Friday, February 14, Saint John Cricket Cove held it's first "Yarn Tasting" with Estelle Yarns.
I was a little concerned how the day would progress due to the storm, but it unfolded with moments I'll cherish and many smiles and laughs.  So sit back with a tea or coffee and let me turn the pages in this Valentine Story.

The windows and blackboard declared an event was to be held... the previous week one could hear the remarks: 'Yarn Tasting'....really??  I'll be dropping by for that, loot bags -- be sure I'll be here, ....... I ensured customers and other merchants, they would not want to miss out and I'd have delights to embrace all their senses.

So early Friday morning I arrived to set the stage for the day.
The Estelle yarns with their new colors and fibers were arrayed like the sun on the round, glass table.
The treats arrayed in fine fashion.  A homemade dip for crackers, mini 'Olympic' cookies, hugs and kisses that melted in one's mouth.

Our first guests arrived and stayed to knit.
Hmm.... was heard throughout the shop all day long; as people requested yarns in various colors for projects their minds could dream creating.  Ohhh, Ahhh as they stroked, smelled, and viewed the display of treasures.
Let me zoom you in to hear some of the day's conversations......
  • I beckoned male spouses to enter the draw, so doubling the chances to take a loot bag home.
  • One male even declared to a faithful customer, how he appreciated her supporting him in his candidacy for the championship on hand -- Olympics were in the air as knitters and non-knitters filled out ballets hoping to win.
  • Part of the Roy family posed with a Loot Bag winner -- Matt became my day's assistant, welcoming all who entered to be sure to write their name and phone number on the paper and have a good treat to eat.
  • Children ate a cookie and colored on paper while Mom or Dad shopped.
  • Merchants were heard saying, (about me) she's having too much fun!
  • Laughter rang across the phone wires as I made the calls to winners --- especially when the husbands names were drawn, Roger for Tracey, and Pat for Rose just to mention two.  (The following morning I presented Pat with his loot bag and told him any Saturday he could join our class, he insisted to Rose she'd be the one knitting the surprise.)
  • The whole Roy family returned Friday evening to see if Mom's name had been drawn.  I invited each child to make a draw and Matt drew Mom.  What a delight!  He then won a special place in my heart when he drew on the flip side of a blank empty slip a row of hearts for me then wrapped his arms around me in a big hug.
At 8 PM the day drew to a close with Debbie Smith being the winner of the gift bag.

The blackboard in the window sums the day up well,
Life is a gift
                  so fill it with Love    Emoji
... every moment you knit,
       stitch it with Love

Congratulations to all the winners and Thanks to Estelle Yarns for giving us all a terrific, fun day!  Emoji
A Valentine's Day not to be forgotten.

Saint John Staff, Cindy 

Monday, 17 February 2014

Deliveries !

Despite the storm our delivery trucks are bringing us goodies ... stop by the shops to check out our every changing stock.

Friday, 14 February 2014


Some new Sudz in town ... awesome colors for a simple knit dishcloth or project of your choice.

Sweetheart Month

It is sweetheart month ... knit something pink !

Monday, 10 February 2014

Olympic Knitting

Some Slopestyle Knitting
When viewers turn on the NBC broadcast of the men's snowboard slopestyle finals Saturday night, they might see an odd site at the top of the course: a man knitting a scarf.
That man is Antti Koskinen, Finland coach, and at Saturday's competition he was busily working cream-colored yarn with green needles.
The scarf is something others on the Finnish team will add to before handing it off to Finland's Summer Olympic team going to Rio de Janeiro in 2016. What they will do with a giant scarf in South America is unclear.
The idea for Koskinen to work on the scarf at the starting gate was that of Finnish snowboarder Roope Tonteri, who finished 11th Saturday.
"I think that it looks really weird, so it's kind of funny," Tonteri said. "Everybody just thinks, 'What's he doing?'"

Tonteri noted that his coach is a slow knitter, but that beats the alternative: Tonteri doesn't knit at all.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Thursday, 6 February 2014

New Restaurant

Cricket Cove would like to congratulate our new neighbor The Strand Restaurant on their grand opening this week. Great food, newly renovated, and fresh friendly atmosphere ... highly recommended. Stop in and grab a nice meal before, during, or after your visit to Cricket Cove.
Owner Mike Chase pictured below. Way to go Mike !

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Hospital Auxiliaries

Knitters in the Hospital Auxiliaries from St. Stephen, Saint John, and Sussex are doing some outstanding work ... to date they have knit ... drum roll please ... 1,783 hats for new born babies !!! Cricket Cove is one proud supporter. Outstanding, keep up the great work !!!

Sakura Hat

Knit with the Sakura Cotton using the head hugger pattern. Awesome project.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Yarn Bombing King Street (Saint John)

Don't forget that February 6th is Nation Sweater Day ... stop by Cricket Cove to pick up your knitted flower, all proceeds go to WWF.