Thursday, 12 December 2013

Treat from Yoga Ruth ... our yoga girl

Here are a couple of things that might help you enjoy finishing your Christmas projects, as well as ease your tired shoulders and rest your eyes. Begin with your eyes ( sometimes that’s where neck strain originates) Please put your knitting down. Rub your palms together and place them over your closed eyes. With your eyes still closed, and your palms still over your eyes, pretend you are still knitting, so focus your eyes, and then let them relax. Focus and relax a few times, then just let them relax for 10 breaths. Every time your thoughts drift back to your project, gently, bring your thoughts back to relaxing your eyes under your hands. After your 10 breaths, remove your hands, open your eyes, take 2 more breaths, and then you can pick up your knitting again. Next, for your shoulders, knitting down again, and grab your left shoul-der muscle , close to your neck, with your right hand. Grab hard, like a mother cat holding her kitten. Let your arm hang down and , while still grabbing hard, start rolling your shoulder clockwise a few times, then counter clockwise a few times, still grabbing ( this is at the least a little un-comfortable, and at most makes you want to bite your bottom lip off) take a good big inhale, then release your death grip on your shoulder, and let your shoulder gently move downward. Take a breath, feel the difference between your left shoulder and your right one, then repeat on the other side, grabbing your right shoulder with your left hand. May all your skeins unwind. May you never have a knot in your yarn where you don’t want one. May you always have enough yarn to finish your projects. May you enjoy every stitch. Warm regards, Ruth Merrett

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